The Lazy Cinnamon Bun.

I have a terrible, well-meaning habit of offering help without really thinking it through. I just want to be helpful! Is that so wrong? No, I guess not but sometimes, it really comes back to bite me in the tush. 
The PTA is having their annual 5K tomorrow, and our elementary school’s Odyssey of the Mind team is having a bake sale during the race to raise funds for their trip to the nationals in Iowa. While talking to one of the moms who manage the team, I somehow roped myself, through no fault of that mom, into offering to bake something. Not just any old thing but freaking cinnamon buns. Those of you who have made these from scratch know just how time-consuming it can be.  But the date seemed so far off then, I was sure I’d have to plenty of time to gather all the ingredients and get it done. 
Then, Friday rolls around and it dawns on me that in addition to getting ready for our camping trip this weekend, and getting Alice to a softball game tonight, I have to make good on my offer. There was no way I had the time or energy to whip up from-scratch cinnamon buns and so I wasn’t even going to try. Instead, I came up with these lazy cinnamon buns!