11 Things About You Don’t Know About Me (or Maybe You Do)

Another part of accepting the Liebster Award is sharing 11 random things about myself. I think I’m a pretty open book so some of these things might not surprise you! But I’ll try…

  1. I once met Lawrence Ferlinghetti at The Poetry Project on St. Mark’s Place. Some kid took a picture of me with the poet but never gave me a copy of the photo. (This was in the days before everyone had a digital camera.) 
  2. When I attempted to go skiing on the German/Czech border, I got all the way to the top after a seemingly endless lift ride, took one look at the mountain and decided to hightail it out of there. In seeking an escape route, I ended up on the wrong side of the mountain and had to hitch a ride back to the ski resort. Luckily, I was picked up by a very handsome and polite Czech fellow who was fluent in English with a nice car and a roof rack. 
  3. In Ecuador, I went for a bike ride down a bumpy hill. The brakes failed, I flew over the handlebars and landed on my head. (No, I wasn’t wearing a helmet because I’m stupid.) I ended up with a black eye, bloody knees and elbows and a minor concussion. To this day, my memory is faulty. 
  4. When Allen Ginsberg died, I wrote a poem and read it at a memorial event in Albany which was covered by the local news, so I made a small appearance that night. 
  5. Speaking of TV appearances, I was on 20/20 when I was a kid. I’m pretty sure my mom still has the VHS somewhere. It’s time to convert that tape to DVD! 
  6. The summer I turned 16, I went to Israel for 5 weeks and lived on a kibbutz where I worked in a nectarine processing plant, sorting nectarines (or playing basketball with the bad ones…). A Russian dude named Roman proposed marriage. He was very handsome but I had to decline. 
  7. I have read so many books that if you asked me what my favorite book is, I would sheepishly admit that I don’t know or can’t remember. 
  8. Surprisingly, I am asked quite often how Henry and I met. I thought everyone knew the story by now! 
  9. I’ve been tubing on The Amazon. 
  10. Speaking of The Amazon, I had to be rescued by another knight in shining armor when I arrived at the airport in Quito for my flight home, and almost missed my flight because I didn’t have money for the exit tax (which I’d never heard of!). A nice boy from Georgia lent me the money, and an awesome TSA agent rushed me through security so I could make my flight. Of course, I sent that boy a check as soon as I got home! 
  11. It took me way too long to come up with this list. Seriously. I thought of a better one: I used to work in a broasted chicken joint when I was in high school. My boss was a supercreep that paid me under the table because his bookkeeping wasn’t “set up yet” and got a little too close when training me on the ice cream dispenser. 

4 thoughts on “11 Things About You Don’t Know About Me (or Maybe You Do)”

  1. a. That is an amazing story of how you met! Nice work Henry!
    b. You have travelled all over! (It kills me that you can spell it travelled or traveled. Which is it already!?) I would loooove to read some stories of your trips. Hint hint.
    c. Faulty memory: concussion, or having children??

  2. The faulty memory definitely started with the concussion and got worse with the kids. LOL. I should write down some stories except I can't remember half of what happened. HA HA. I have pictures somewhere that'll jog my memory…

  3. How fun! I love the posts where you learn things about people. You've certainly done a lot – and I LOVE how you have always had someone who has picked you up when you needed it. And cute guy, too. that's impressive 🙂

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