Accepting the Liebster!

When Caitlin first blogged about being nominated for a Liebster and started rolling out her own nomination– I’m not going to lie– I was secretly hoping I’d get a nomination. And I did! My first blogger award ever, and from an awesome person, to boot. To accept the award, I need to answer 11 questions that Caitlin came up with, plus nominate 11 bloggers myself and come up with my own questions. 
So, taking a cue from Caitlin, I’ll start off by answering her questions, then roll out my nominations over the next few weeks. (What? I’m busy! Or something…) 
1. Where on earth do you feel the most yourself? Probably in my own house. I suffer from a neurotic fear of judgment from others. 
2. What is your favorite quality in a friend? Hilarity. Seriously, the people I’m good friends with are the people that make me laugh and make me feel good about myself. 
3. Best sandwich you ever ate. This is a hard one because I love sandwiches! Last night, I had a caramelized onion and mushroom grilled cheese from a food truck at my girls’ preschool fundraiser. It was pretty damn good.  Probably my all-time favorite sandwich is tied between this Green Grilled Cheese from Full Belly Sisters and this dessert concoction that a friend used to make for a group of us after a night of debauchery– it involved peanut butter, chocolate and a lot of butter. 
4. Window or aisle? Window. Here’s a little known fact about me. I’m a champion pee holder and I almost never need to pee when I’m flying. So I sit by the window so I don’t have to deal with people climbing over me. 
5. Favorite mistake. Oh, man. I’ve made a lot of these… where to begin? My favorite  mistakes probably happen in the kitchen, when I end up with something delicious despite doing it all wrong!
6. What is your dream date night? If money were no object, a dream date would involve heading down to the city, starting with dinner at a new restaurant, then gallivanting around the city to various art and drink venues, before getting to sleep in the next  morning at a fancy hotel, and brunch, of course. 
7. What did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be an astronaut until I was 5 and saw the shuttle explode on TV. 
8. What do you want to be when you grow up? Involved in the education field, in some way. I was already a teacher, and while I loved working with my kids, I hated the administrative aspects of it. I would love to be working for an education policy organization or think tank, doing research and writing policy papers. 
9. Best advice ever given to you. Look at the donut, not the hole. (Thanks, Dad!!) 
10. Worst advice ever given to you. I can’t answer this because I block out the bad advice I’ve been given, especially if the results were disastrous. LOL. 
11. Best advice you can give. Be a good person and have faith. Everything turns out okay in the end. 

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