Babywearing Magic: The MO+M Baby Carrier Review

The day Alice got her one month shots, Henry and I took her to Cape Cod for the weekend. She cried the entire weekend. I am not exaggerating. There seemed to be nothing we could do to comfort her except hold her (both of us) and nurse her (me). I had borrowed a ring sling from my neighbor, Ann (aka The Rock Star Mama), and Alice would not sleep unless she was in the ring sling.

We were exhausted that weekend! 

That was my introduction to the magic of babywearing. I had a popular soft-structured carrier (SSC) already when Alice was born, so I planned to babywear but as a matter of convenience. I didn’t yet know that babywearing is also a great way to get a baby to mellow out and relax but I figured that out after our exhausting weekend on the Cape. Though I was a first-time mom, I went straight for the soft-structured carrier because my sister had told me that other carriers hurt her back, so I didn’t even bother! The ring sling seemed like the perfect thing for those early months, especially since Alice was a teeny tiny baby but otherwise, I was a diehard SSC fan. I wore it while out running errands and at home, when I needed my hands for household tasks but a baby needed me for comfort.

Stella during our first family camping trip, using my old SSC. She was five months old. 
Fast forward to kid #3, and I was still faithful to my SSC, even though both me and the baby were drenched in sweat by the time I took it off.  Right before I left for my annual Cape Cod vacation, I was offered the opportunity to try out a new soft-structured carrier on the market, in exchange for my honest review. I checked out the details on the carrier, called MO+M carrier,  from Mothers On the Move, and decided to try it out. I was mostly curious about how it would compare to the SSC I already had, and to be quite honest, I didn’t think it would measure up. 
The first thing I noticed when I put the carrier on the first time was how LIGHT it is. It is 100% cotton, and because of it’s lightness, it has comfortable heft– Micah felt secure and snug on my body. The mesh panel in the front went a long way in keeping my sweatbucket (just like his sisters!) cool and dry, even when we walked around the Wellfleet pier in the midday sun. I was using the carrier that day because we planned to pop into a few store and galleries, and in Wellfleet, these places tend to be tiny!

Me, Alice and Micah at Frying Pan Gallery in Wellfleet,
definitely not stroller friendly! 
It was so hot that day!

Micah is a tiny guy.  The MO+M carrier has a narrower seat, so there was no seam or fabric digging into the back of his knees, as there is in my other carrier. This is a huge plus and made the experience much more comfortable for Micah.
Because I never used a forward-facing carrier, none of my kids were carried forward-facing and I’d always wanted to try it. With the MO+M, you can wear it facing in, on your hip, on your back AND facing out, and still get hip-healthy support for baby. Micah enjoyed being face-out for awhile, until he got tired of it and wanted to snuggle back in. My husband especially appreciates being able to wear Micah forward-facing–since Henry is a big, broad-shouldered guy, Micah was smushed tight against his chest whenever he was facing in.

Can I tell you something? I haven’t used my old SSC since I got this carrier, seriously. It’s everything I love and am used to in a soft-structured carrier but the light weight, the mesh panel, and the narrow seat addresses all the issues that I have with my old SSC.  I think my old SSC is going to end up on the auction block… it’s been good to me but my new alternative is better. 
I am really pleased to be able to offer you a discount code, on behalf of Mothers on the Move! On Amazon, the carrier is $79.95, but with the coupon code, the price drops to $59.95, plus if you have Prime, the shipping can be free.  So, head over to Amazon to learn more about the carrier and use this coupon code: BLGRPRMO when you order. It is good until September 30th! Thank you to Mothers On the Move, for your generosity! The discount code has expired but the carrier is on sale right now for $69.70!

I would love to hear your babywearing stories! Tell me about a time babywearing made your life easier. 

{Mothers On the Move generously gave me this carrier to review. All opinions are mine, and honest. All links to the Amazon product page are my affiliate links.} 

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