Beyond Unitasking

The more I mull over this word I’ve chosen, the more I realize that it goes beyond just unitasking. Choosing to focus on something or someone also means that I’m choosing NOT to focus on something or someone.

I realized this today, home for our second snow day of the week.

The kids were outside, doing this: 

I wanted to be inside with this: 
 (and if I’m being totally honest, with my computer, too)
But instead, I decided to not focus on my wine and my computer. I went outside for this: 
and this: 
and this: 
Doesn’t it look like Olaf is hugging Alice? 

I have so many things that distract me from what’s going on around me, in and outside of my house. And really, a lot of these things can wait– responding to emails, leaving comments on blogs, checking Facebook, Googling, pinning, looking for a job. Even the wine can wait, sometimes. (I’m drinking it now!) So yeah, FOCUS is also about priorities, about focusing my attention on the things that matter, on the moments that I won’t get back again, like watching my three year old try to walk through snow that comes up to her knees and my 5 year old being buried in the snow by our neighbor.   How awful and mortifying would it be if the only thing my kids could remember about me is that I always had my nose in my phone or my ass on a chair, with my face in my computer?

No, I want them to remember me as the mom who joined them outside to help build a snowman (who are we kidding? I built the thing, they stuck sticks in it…).

That is meaningful, don’t you think?

Oh, and here’s the snow we got Monday and today. Between those two days, we ended up with a foot of snow. No filter on these photos. In today’s picture, it is snowing,  hence the haze, if you can’t tell…

4 thoughts on “Beyond Unitasking”

  1. This is meaningful.
    I wanted to work all day yesterday. Not even the fun stuff (blog commenting, Facebook, twitter, etc.). I mean I had actual work. And I couldn't do it when Scarlet asked to build a snowman. So glad I got out there. For a storm, it wasn't frigid out. I went for a nice, fresh walk to the mailbox and I had fun in the snow.

  2. I bet you got more snow than I did, right, since you're closer to the Sound?
    And yes, even though I know my mother was not perfect, I only mostly remember the good stuff and I want the same for my kids! 🙂

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