My Writing Process

I admit, I was surprised when Tamara, my IRL friend and superblogger, asked if I wanted to participate in this blog author tour.“She thinks I’m a writer? She thinks I’m a writer! Am I a writer?” The pressure was heavy but fleeting, thankfully.  In her post, Tamara writes about needing permission to call herself a writer, which, …

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It’s About Nothing.

What does it mean to be a writer? How about a blogger? Does being a blogger make you a writer? Not always. A fair amount of bloggers seem to be curators of web content.  Some other bloggers are copywriters– pushing products and writing reviews. I remember, back in the wee days of the Internet and …

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Passing the Liebster Torch

Another part of accepting the Liebster is nominating 11 other bloggers, with less than 200 followers. But, I don’t read that many blogs and of the ones I do read, the followship is pretty large. Having said that, I did come up with three blogs that I enjoy reading and that I think have less …

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