Escape from Here.

Books have always been my escape. As a hearing impaired child, and now as a hearing impaired adults, books are the one place where I’m never out of the loop. Everyday conversation is tiring because I expend so much energy just listening and processing everything I’m hearing, and making up for what I can’t hear. …

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You’ve Got Mail!

Communication is so easy and immediate these days. Texting, tweeting, facebooking. Who needs a landline anymore, or regular old snail mail? Even email seems quaint! When my husband left for Texas, he suggested that we email each other back and forth, in addition to texting. It made sense– we could share so much more in …

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On Sleep and Silence.

Did you see that article a few weeks back about how deaf people suffer from fatigue? How about all those hours spent processing what you are hearing, and doing cognitive gymnastics to make deductions multiple times in a single conversation, is just flat out tiring? As an adult, this is most certainly true, and it …

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Finding Community.

Since Alice was born, we have lived in three different communities, each one distinctly different from the rest. She was born in New York City, and we lived in Riverdale, a heavily Jewish but still diverse section of the Bronx, along the Hudson River. When I first moved to Riverdale, I was dating my future …

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Family Mysteries.

My great-uncle Al was a packrat and a copious and mostly accurate notetaker. After his death, my mother uncovered boxes of photos and documents that Uncle Al kept all his life, along with a mystery! It seems that when my great-grandfather Naif emigrated to this country, he left behind a wife (and children?) in Lebanon. …

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Little Failure

I admit, I’ve had Gary Shteyngart’s novels on my To Read list for a long time, and I did start Super Sad True Love Story but I never managed to finish it. I couldn’t get into it, though the writing was excellent and funny. Little Failure, his memoir, was the opposite experience– I couldn’t get …

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