A Thousand Themes, Maybe

It’s funny… the title of Jonathan Dee’s book, A Thousand Pardons, did not register with me at all. I did not look at the synopsis of the book before I started reading. It was only until after that I realized that the theme of the book was supposed to forgiveness. In my day (that would …

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Plan to Fail

I’ve written before about my reluctance to face other people’s realities. I do this by not watching the news, skipping over articles in the paper, scrolling past news stories on Facebook. I mean, it’s not like I don’t know. And it’s not like knowing more is going to suddenly spur me to action. Actually, that’s …

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There were many, many fascinating details I learned about France, Europe and the development of race as a social construct in Tom Reiss’ new book, The Black Count but I really got hooked on the idea of Alex Dumas as a legend in his own time, even before his son, Alexandre Dumas, used him as the …

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A Believer.

Having lived in Prague and travelled around the area quite a bit, I felt a special connection to The Bloodletter’s Daughter, a historical novel by Linda Lafferty that uses the legend of  Don Julius,  the mad bastard son of Emperor Rudolph II as the backdrop to the story of a young woman sold out by …

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Seeking the Righteous.

When I first began reading The Baker’s Daughter, I was struck right away by the realization that while I’ve read plenty of Holocaust literature, very little of it has been from the non-Jewish/non-Other perspective. The Holocaust seems to be one of those issues that is made out to be black and white, with no grey. …

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My husband tonight said that our marriage is like an arranged marriage, in a lot of ways. I was so relieved to hear him say that because I’ve always felt the same way but thought he would be hurt by it. My husband, he’s kind of a sensitive guy!But his admission is just one more …

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