On Sleep and Silence.

Did you see that article a few weeks back about how deaf people suffer from fatigue? How about all those hours spent processing what you are hearing, and doing cognitive gymnastics to make deductions multiple times in a single conversation, is just flat out tiring? As an adult, this is most certainly true, and it …

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Learning from Reading

Do you ever read something and say to yourself, “Shit. That’s what I was trying to say”? Remember my last blog post, which I wrote for From Left to Write, about The Expats? If you recall, I wrote: A recurring theme in this season of my life, the season of small children and endless keeping …

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I don’t know how to write about being deaf. I don’t know how to write about it any more than I know how to write about being a woman or being 33. Being deaf is a physical condition that somehow also exists as a condition of personality. Is personality the right word? I don’t know …

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