Beyond Unitasking

The more I mull over this word I’ve chosen, the more I realize that it goes beyond just unitasking. Choosing to focus on something or someone also means that I’m choosing NOT to focus on something or someone. I realized this today, home for our second snow day of the week. The kids were outside, …

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Slice of Life #4

I call my sister’s house the abyss. Lovingly, of course! Alternatively, it’s a time warp. I don’t know why or how but I seem to lose all sense of time when I’m at Kate’s house. I walk in the door at 9:30 and before I know it, it’s past dinner time and I’m hollering at …

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Word of The Year.

I’ve never picked a word of the year before but in keeping with my goal to be more introspective this year, I’m inspired by Thien-Kim at I’m Not the Nanny and NJ at A Cookie Before Dinner to adopt a word as my mantra. I often admonish Stella, my three year old, to FOCUS when …

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