The Sunshine Award {Sort Of}

This post is long overdue (sorry, NJ!) but better late than never, right? I’m also going to profess lameness in that I can’t think of 11 bloggers to nominate. So, I’m going to half-ass this the best I can!  I don’t know why this is called The Sunshine Award but I like to think it’s …

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Accepting the Liebster!

When Caitlin first blogged about being nominated for a Liebster and started rolling out her own nomination– I’m not going to lie– I was secretly hoping I’d get a nomination. And I did! My first blogger award ever, and from an awesome person, to boot. To accept the award, I need to answer 11 questions that …

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Thinking in Lists #2

I’m working on a blog post about living up to our own ideals of parenting but can’t quite figure out how to end it. It’s verging on rambling.  For some reason, when I steal someone else’s (read: my mother’s or my sister’s) NYT magazine to do the crossword, I can do a lot of it …

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Winter’s Last Hurrah

I swear, it is just a coincidence that my last blog post was written during a blizzard. We didn’t have a blizzard today but Winter did get one last wallop in, dumping ten plus inches on us. In fact, it’s still snowing. That picture is from 7am this morning, when we already had 9 inches …

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Twenty Thirteen

Goals. I got ’em. Last year, inspired by a friend, I made a list of goals for 2012 and updated it once or twice throughout the year, as a note on Facebook. I had to force myself to go back and look at the list, since it had been quite a few months since I …

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2012 Read Shelf

I stopped using Goodreads for quite awhile then started up again over the summer, so I’m doing my best to remember all the books I read this year! Joining the From Left to Write book club and signing up for Netgalley,  filled up my Read shelf quite a bit, but my goal had been to …

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