Pursuit of Happiness

Source: I think a lot about male-female dynamics and roles in a marriage or partnership. My husband and I have what you might call a “traditional” set-up–he goes to work, I stay home and do the child-rearing. But truth be told, this is an economic decision. If I worked in a field where I …

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Those We Love Most.

Let’s hope that I’m not jinxing anything by writing this but I have been fortunate to not face too many tests in my life. Or maybe my deafness makes life one big test, so I’ve come to take everything in stride and don’t really register anything as a test, spiritual or otherwise.This is not to …

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A Thousand Themes, Maybe

It’s funny… the title of Jonathan Dee’s book, A Thousand Pardons, did not register with me at all. I did not look at the synopsis of the book before I started reading. It was only until after that I realized that the theme of the book was supposed to forgiveness. In my day (that would …

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My husband tonight said that our marriage is like an arranged marriage, in a lot of ways. I was so relieved to hear him say that because I’ve always felt the same way but thought he would be hurt by it. My husband, he’s kind of a sensitive guy!But his admission is just one more …

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