{Review}: Lust and Wonder

Augusten Burroughs has an enviable knack for introspection and self-awareness. He has also has a writing voice that made me wonder at first if I were reading fiction or a memoir–at some points, I actually was not 100% confident Lust & Wonder was a memoir! Burroughs manages to make himself a sympathetic character, though I …

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{Review}: The Best Place on Earth

Have you ever been to Israel? I went when I was 15, and even in my self-absorbed, navel-gazing teenage state, I knew that Israel was the most beautiful place I’d ever seen. It was the first foreign country I’d ever travelled to (Canada notwithstanding) and I’ve been to many others since then. Still the most …

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Little Failure

I admit, I’ve had Gary Shteyngart’s novels on my To Read list for a long time, and I did start Super Sad True Love Story but I never managed to finish it. I couldn’t get into it, though the writing was excellent and funny. Little Failure, his memoir, was the opposite experience– I couldn’t get …

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2012 Read Shelf

I stopped using Goodreads for quite awhile then started up again over the summer, so I’m doing my best to remember all the books I read this year! Joining the From Left to Write book club and signing up for Netgalley,  filled up my Read shelf quite a bit, but my goal had been to …

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A Thousand Themes, Maybe

It’s funny… the title of Jonathan Dee’s book, A Thousand Pardons, did not register with me at all. I did not look at the synopsis of the book before I started reading. It was only until after that I realized that the theme of the book was supposed to forgiveness. In my day (that would …

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My husband tonight said that our marriage is like an arranged marriage, in a lot of ways. I was so relieved to hear him say that because I’ve always felt the same way but thought he would be hurt by it. My husband, he’s kind of a sensitive guy!But his admission is just one more …

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