“I always want more,” my friend Ann told me, about my blog posts. I wanted to ask, “what more? more what?” but I never got around to it. The truth is, I like to write and I like to share but I don’t like to share a lot or share everything. My life is so …

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There were many, many fascinating details I learned about France, Europe and the development of race as a social construct in Tom Reiss’ new book, The Black Count but I really got hooked on the idea of Alex Dumas as a legend in his own time, even before his son, Alexandre Dumas, used him as the …

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A Finisher.

Heather and I, post-race and pre-pancakes Saturday night, before the Danskin Triathlon out in Sandy Hook, was a veritable carb-fest at my friend Heather’s house. I shoved penne down, in between bites of chicken francaise. All week, I’d been scheming ways to avoid this tri while saving face. I was tired and not feeling it, …

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I did a real writerly thing the other day. When I take the long drives down the Saw Mill Parkway in Westchester, especially when the traffic is light and I can drive long stretches without stopping or slowing down, my mind churns busily. The way some people get their best ideas in the shower, I get …

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