Menu Mondays: Alice Edition

1. Alice made the menu this week. She even wrote it all down. Kindergarten is incredible. Also, she is making the perogies, probably. She made them last week and did a great job. 
2. The Chickn’ Nuggets are from Quorn, a brand that I really like because it doesn’t use soy-based protein like most vegetarian products. 
3. Friday, it’ll actually just be me, Stella and Micah up to Albany because my mom’s photograph is being exhibited at the 36th Annual Photography Regional at the Albany Center Gallery. Go, mom!! Alice and Henry will be staying home so she can attend her school’s science fair Saturday morning. She’s already requested to have a dinner date at Redding Roadhouse

2 thoughts on “Menu Mondays: Alice Edition”

  1. Congrats to your mom! I'd love to see the photo!
    Can't wait for kindergarten..
    And I love Quorn chicken nuggets. It's the only way Scarlet will eat meat.

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