Menu Mondays: Kid Edition

  1. The kids chose this week’s meals, with the exception of Friday. Pretend Soup, by Mollie Katzen is a great little cookbook for kids, even if some of the recipes are weird. Not the pizza, though. The pizza is totally normal and Alice even wanted to use zucchini, as directed in the recipe, so we’ll see how that goes. 
  2. On Saturday, we went to an International Festival at Alice’s school. The Spain table was serving Spanish tortilla and Alice loved it so much, we decided to make it for dinner. 
  3. Do you read The Poor Man’s Feast? I read Elissa Altman’s book, spun off from her blog, last Fall. Great book… I highly recommend. Anyway, she wrote a post this week about fish and since I have a cod fillet in the freezer, I decided to make it the way she describes it at the end of the post. 
  4. The roast chicken will be from Whole Foods, as per Alice’s request. Apparently, one time I made chicken, and it was dry. [insert eye roll here] But whatever, that chicken *is* good and it saves me some cooking. 
  5. A funny story: At the supermarket yesterday, after hauling a ten pound bag of flour into my shopping cart, another woman, middle-aged, very attractive and kind of prim, also took a bag of flour and examined it, then decided to put it back. She eyed the bag in my cart and asked if I’d checked the expiration date. October 2014. No problem. But she didn’t like the expiration date and I thought maybe in her head she was reading it as 2013 or something. Before I had a chance to say anything, she counted off the months on her fingers and asked me, “you’ll use all that flour by October?” I had to laugh, so I did and said that I could use all that flour in A MONTH.  Her eyes went wide as she gave me an astonished “Really?!” Funny lady. I might’ve been exaggerating about how quickly the flour will get used but yes, I can definitely finish a ten pound bag of flour in less than seven months! 
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  1. Oh, yes! We can use that flour fast too!
    Matzoh Ball soup – sigh. When I was pretty sick in January, I ate it at the tail end of my cold and you could hear it in my voice how instantly it made me feel better.

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