Menu Mondays: Overbooked Edition

  1. I looked at my calendar last night to see what I had on tap for the week, and I suffered a small surge of panic when I saw that I failed to take into account my daughter’s THREE half-days this week. Add in softball practice that ends at dinnertime, three meetings, a classroom birthday celebration, soccer and a playdate, and my anxiety levels were creeping upwards. 
  2. Honestly, I have no idea if my kids will eat the shepard’s pie but I will and Henry will, and I have potatoes to use up. 
  3. The aforementioned softball practice is on Friday, so I’ll be using a pizza crust from the store, then loading it up and popping it in the oven when we get home. Takes 12 minutes, tops! 
  4. Crockpot Mexican Chicken: Chopped onions at the bottom of the crockpot, fresh or frozen boneless, skinless chicken breasts on top, cover with black beans, corn, a jar of salsa, and a little water or stock. Remove chicken from crockpot at end of cooking, shred it up and stir it back in. Serve with tortillas or tortilla chips, sour cream, shredded cheese and avocado.  
  5. Next week, I’ll be participating in a blogger meme called The Writing Process. I was tagged by Tamara, who published hers this morning. Take a look!
In other news, how happy are we that winter has been shown the door? The girls and I got out for a hike yesterday afternoon, while the boys chilled at home. Here’s us, post-hike. 

8 thoughts on “Menu Mondays: Overbooked Edition”

  1. So looking forward to next week's post!
    And your dishes look delicious. I need to hear more about a vegetarian shepherd's pie! I'm not vegetarian but they're often teeming with meat!
    Potatoes are my favorite food.

  2. I am! Since the chicken is boneless and skinless, the extra liquid keeps it from drying out. I don't think the salsa provides enough liquid because it thickens somewhat.

  3. My husband's new go-to recipe is Shepard's pie…non vegetarian though. The Mexican crockpot meal sounds great…totally up my alley! Tomorrow night we're having Foodie Crush's avocado cream enchiladas…my oldest son's new fave!

  4. Can you believe, I totally forgot to put the stuff in the crockpot and I ended up making it in the dutch oven?! It worked just fine, of course but it shreds more in the crockpot. The enchiladas sound delicious…

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