Menu Mondays: The Back to School Edition

I’m headed out the door in ten minutes to bring Stella to school (she goes every morning this year!), I’m applauding myself for getting Alice to the bus stop in time and I’m typing one-handed because I have a cranky, teething 13 month old on my lap. But Menu Mondays are back, after a summer hiatus!

My menus lately reflect the changes that we’ve made in our family over the past month. You see, Henry and I have some serious financial goals that we need to tackle, so we’ve cut every aspect of our budget including the grocery budget. Remember my post on buying in bulk? That is one strategy I’ve employed in grocery budgeting. The other is planning meals that are inexpensive but nutritious and filling. Whole chicken was on sale at Whole Foods last month, so I’ve got a bunch of birds in my freezer. Besides roasted chicken, I’ve made stock with the bones. This week, I’m boiling up a chicken to use in my stir fry. I keep my eyes peeled for other deals that I can use without coupons, because I’m just not a clipper…

Here are some links for this week’s menu:

The “meatballs” are actually lentils! Don’t tell the kids. I want to see if they’ll be able to tell the difference.

Spanish tortillas have become a mainstay in the house. All the kids will eat it and it packs well in lunches the next day.

I think everything else is self-explanatory. If it isn’t, ask me in the comments!

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