Passing the Liebster Torch

Another part of accepting the Liebster is nominating 11 other bloggers, with less than 200 followers. But, I don’t read that many blogs and of the ones I do read, the followship is pretty large. Having said that, I did come up with three blogs that I enjoy reading and that I think have less than 200 followers (though I could be wrong…) and it just so happens that I know all three in real life.
Instead of nominating these bloggers, I’m just going to share them with you, dear reader, and maybe you’ll discover some new bloggers to add to your feed, and of course, I would love it if they wrote a post listing 11 things people might not know about them (my favorite kind of meme!).

  1. M. Alynn/Old Soul Life I know and love Michelle in real life! Her husband is an old buddy of my husband. We’ve crashed with them in Vancouver, and they’ve crashed with us in NYC. I love Michelle’s design aesthetic and I always enjoy reading about her adventures, her life as a student and living in Vancouver. 
  2. Speaking of Vancouverites, this next blogger is a transplant from my hometown and she was actually my camp counselor! Kim Werker is what I would call a professional crafter. She’s known in the industry for her work in crochet, but in the past few years, she’s written a lot on her blog about creativity, being in the business of creativity and how to carve out a niche for yourself that balances professional success with remaining true to a love of your craft. I am always interested in reading what she has to say. 
  3. Last but not least, is A Cookie Before Dinner, written by my friend NJ. Her blog is honest, painfully so at times, and always thoughtful. Plus her kid is adorable. 
This wraps up my series on the Liebster. Thanks again to Caitlin for nominating me! Her questions gave me a lot to think about, and the challenge of coming up with 11 things people might not know about me was a great writing exercise– I never realized I had so many potential stories to tell!

PS In case you’re curious, the blogs I read daily, or whenever they come up in my reader are:

  1. Cup of Jo
  2. Sweet Fine Day
  3. Dear Baby
  4. Bleubird Vintage
  5. Soulemama
  6. Amalah
  7. Door Sixteen
  8. Marriage Confessions
  9. The Joy of Caitlin
  10. Tamara Like Camera

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