Scenes from a Dinner

A few weeks ago, my friend Justine from Full Belly Sisters (@fullbellysis) invited me to a dinner sponsored by Foods From Chile (@FoodsFromChile). I get delicious food, great wine, good company and a night away from home? Of course I said yes. 

1. the table was set with votives nestled in chilean almonds, which i kept nibbling between courses. 2. we sampled (ok, drank) two whites and one red. tobiano pinot noir 2009, mont gras sauv blanc 2011 & ventisquero sauv blanc 2011. 2. flannery, one half of full belly sisters. 3. justine, the other half. 4. chilean olive oil is seriously the best i’ve ever had. creamy, buttery and with the sprinkle of merquen, just amazing. 5. the salad was a great, palate-clearing opener. 6. this soup was amazing. the heat from the merquen hits you in the back of the throat, tempered by the cool avocado. i could eat this all day long. 7. i’m not a HUGE fish fan but i like a good fish dish. this was so good, i made it at home a week later. 8. warm cherry berry crisp with vanilla ice cream was a perfect ending. 9. i got sleep in a bed by myself and drive home in the wee hours of the morning. like old times…sort of. 10. i’m still experimenting with the food in my gift bag. of course, the wine is finished! 

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  1. I tried to post from my phone before but I guess it didn't take..? Anyway, thanks for this fab recap! So glad you were there, so glad you enjoyed the meal and the swag and the bed all to yourself, and so glad you helped me out so much that night 🙂

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