Slice of Life #5


Don’t worry, I’m not copping out on SOL with a bunch of photos. I just thought it’d be helpful to provide a visual for my slice as of late. See, snow. A lot of it. More coming. It’s hard to pick one moment in the day as a slice because the whole day feels like one big slice…themes are recurring and are woven throughout the day, like subplots in a TV episode.  I have days where it all blurs together and time falls into this weird vortex where I open my eyes at 6am, then all of a sudden it’s 12:30, and then it’s 3pm and then it’s 6:30 and then it’s 10 (if I’m lucky) and I’m closing my eyes again, not really sure where the day went or what exactly I did. My cousin’s wife told me once that we have this thing called motor memory, where we do things without thinking about it. This was after I told her that sometimes I get home and I have no memory of driving home. That’s what my life is like sometimes–I have no memory of how I got through the day. I just get through it, even when it’s not the same old stuff I always do, it feels like it.

I think I’m tired.

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  1. I remember my high school Human Behavior teacher talking about motor memory. She asked, "Do you remember driving to school this morning?" Many of us didn't! She said, "That is bad!!"
    And this snowstorm? I…don't want it.

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