Thinking in Lists #2

  1. I’m working on a blog post about living up to our own ideals of parenting but can’t quite figure out how to end it. It’s verging on rambling. 
  2. For some reason, when I steal someone else’s (read: my mother’s or my sister’s) NYT magazine to do the crossword, I can do a lot of it but when I deign to buy my own like I did today, I get blocked. 
  3. I made paneer tonight. I’m a little nervous about how it tastes. LOL. 
  4. My bedtime reading right now is Square Foot Gardening. My sister and I have started some vegetables (spinach, swiss chard, snap peas and broccoli) in a cold frame but frost doesn’t end here until May, at least. Hard to be patient! Oh well. Plenty of time then to clean up the garden and get some compost tilled into it, and lay out the squares. 
  5. Speaking of gardens, my friend NJ posted this link on Facebook yesterday and not a moment too soon!:
  6. We took full advantage of the Spring-ish weather today and hung out at New Pond Farm, with my sisters, one of whom drove up from Brooklyn for a visit. 
  7. This is my favorite picture from today; my sister and Stella having a little chat. A few more pictures here

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