Those We Love Most.

Let’s hope that I’m not jinxing anything by writing this but I have been fortunate to not face too many tests in my life. Or maybe my deafness makes life one big test, so I’ve come to take everything in stride and don’t really register anything as a test, spiritual or otherwise.
This is not to say that my life has been easy, by any means. No one’s life is easy. If someone’s life appears to be easy, rest assured things are rougher than it looks on the surface.
I’m young, I’ve got an entire life unfolding before me. My marriage is also young. I just celebrated my fifth anniversary this past October. My husband and I, we’ve had our challenges to be sure but nothing has rocked the core of our relationship in the way that a tragic loss can. Maura and Pete, the couple at the center of Those We Love Most, by Lee Woodruff, are on shaky ground before losing their son suddenly, and struggle to recover that ground in the aftermath of loss.
When I look at my marriage, I see that we are strong in so many ways, but in other ways, we are still learning and growing and changing. Part of this is because we didn’t know each other very long before we got married. We just knew that it felt right and so far, our instincts have proved correct. It keeps us on our toes, and we can’t take each other for granted. Not yet, anyway! But I came away from the book with the feeling that the test of a marriage is not a question of if, but when. Until that time comes, I will work on making sure that the ground we are on is solid enough to withstand the weight.

PS There are quite a few themes in this book that I could write about but for the sake of my sanity, I forced myself to pick just one, and the easiest one, to boot. 🙂

This post was inspired by the novel Those We Love Most by Lee Woodruff. Every family has its secrets and deceptions, but they come to surface when a tragic accident changes the family dynamic forever. Join From Left to Write on June 6th as we discuss Those We Love Most. You can also enter to win a live video chat with Lee Woodruff! As a member, I received a copy of the book for review purposes. Links to the book contained in this post are IndieBound affiliate links, which means if you buy the book through my link, I get a small commission from IndieBound. Support your local bookseller!

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  1. It's easy to see how important a foundation is when you read or hear about other marriages… it becomes apparent that problems were already there when things come to a head.

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