Three Weeks (or Two Weeks and 6 Days).

First, here is the trailer for the Ina May Gaskin documentary, Birth Story:

{You can buy a digital download for $12.99 but I’m holding off on that until they provide English subtitles for the hearing-impaired (right now, they only offer Spanish subtitles.)}

With three weeks to go, I’m in full-on nesting mode. My strategy has been to tackle one project first thing in the morning. So far, I have:

  • cleaned up and reorganized the pantry (which also doubles  triples as the laundry room/utility closet), 
  • degreased and scrubbed the vent filters for the stovetop (majorly gross and clearly something I should more often), 
  • attempted to deep-clean the stovetop and backsplash, with moderate success, 
  • cleaned out, lined and reorganized the cutlery drawer, 
  • cleaned and organized the top shelf of our living room closet, so that I could make room for things that were living on top of our Expedit shelving unit, which in turn created room for other things that needed a new home. 
I’ve also become a stickler for keeping the kitchen clean at all times, and staying on top of the laundry because, boy, it would really suck to go into labor at any minute, then come home to a messy house. 
Next up, 
  • cleaning the fridge (my least favorite task)
  • stripping and cleaning the vinyl floors in the kitchen (it’s a rental… why does anyone put down vinyl? I don’t know. Yuck.)
  • weeding through the girls’ overgrown collection of books
  • attempting to create some sort of order to their room
  • making meals and snacks for the freezer (pinning ideas, naturally!) 
Or maybe next is a baby. Who the hell knows…? 

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  1. You're on. I was thinking about doing it tomorrow morning because my fridge is pretty much empty at this point… it would be mildly funny if I went late and you went early, and our babies ended up having the same birthday (I say, mildly funny because dear god, I hope I don't go late…)

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