Twenty Thirteen

Goals. I got ’em. Last year, inspired by a friend, I made a list of goals for 2012 and updated it once or twice throughout the year, as a note on Facebook. I had to force myself to go back and look at the list, since it had been quite a few months since I updated it. I wasn’t sure that I had done well or even, not so bad. Needn’t have worried! I definitely did better than I thought!
And now for this year, which I’m sharing here instead of just on Facebook:

  1. Creative Goals
    • Get an idea, then do it. Basically, follow through on my ideas instead of sitting on them and feeling bad about it. 
    • Practice uninhibited writing. I’ve signed up for an online writing course to help me with this goal! 
  2. Household Goals
    • Organize bedroom closet
    • More regular housekeeping 
    • Grow a kitchen garden
  3. Professional Goals
    • Acquire one new writing client
    • Take a certification course
  4. Personal Goals
    • Use my gym membership 2-3x/week
  5. Family Goals
    • Work with girls on cleaning up after themselves
    • Earlier bedtimes (This feels especially important, the closer we get to the BIG K!)
    • Go camping/hiking 2x a month between May and August. 
If I had to pick a word for 2013, it would be ACTION. It’s time to stop thinking about doing things and actually start doing them. 
Also, how awesome is this crew?
Bryer Photography, Albany, NY

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