We Didn’t Get Any Snow.

A friend shared this great idea on Facebook: dropping colored vinegar into baking soda. Little mini volcanoes! 

We woke up in the morning to 16 inches. 

Camping out in front of the fireplace and wishing for the real thing. 

I put Alice to work sorting coins for rolling. 

Our cat took a step, and would’ve ventured past the threshold if I’d let him.

And there’s another storm predicted for Wednesday into Thursday. I’ll be more prepared this time around, food-wise. The past two days have been an exercise in pantry shopping… but it’s been nice having Henry home. I got some reading done (I’m currently reading The People of the Book, by Geraldine Brooks.) I should’ve gotten some sewing done, as I have crayon rolls on order for Wake Robin, reopening in Croton in March (yay!), and some writing done, as I’m behind on my assignments for The Power of Writing but two kids with cabin fever are no match for two adults. And now one of those kids has a fever. Looks like we’ll be homebound a little while longer. 

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  1. Thanks, Tamara! I picked up a copy at a library sale awhile ago and finally got around to starting it. I'm loving it, too, in the same way that I devoured those Dan Brown novels when I was younger.

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